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For anyone roughly the same age as me -

(Yeah, I had to think about whether that should be "I" or "me" for a while. >_>)

Anyway, here's a trip right back to childhood, and I realized how right TVTropes was with their entry on this one. When you're little, this is one of the least terrifying parts. And now it's deeply, deeply disturbing.


Rasputina - Rose K.

The Saddest Song, courtesy of Lane.

The quality isn't the greatest - if anyone wants I'll upload the mp3. I was just surprised that a song about being old tugged my heartstrings more than anything else.
The lake near where I live is at the lowest it's been in 16 years, and while this is bad for the economy and ecosystem and pretty much everything else, it DID make it so that my family could take a day trip yesterday to look at all the old structures that are usually underwater. I found a ton of porcelain and ceramic from the 1920s around a bridge that had just emerged from the depths. <3

And then we went to a non-waterlogged but still awesome bridge from... I think about 100 years ago. It's tall and beautiful and festooned with very strange graffiti. There is, carved into a little alcove, the commandment to "FrB THZZ or Die". And the paint is almost washed off, but over the entire length of it in letters big enough to be seen by satellite is "WE-B-STRIP'n".

Yes. "WE-B-STRIP'n". Might I mention that this bridge is only acessible by walking 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile down a little trail in a cliff after sneaking across the lawn of some very crotchety people with about a million "No Trespassing" signs. What on earth is so important about "WE-B-STRIP'n" that it needs to be written in 10 foot high letters in a relatively inaccessible area? Needless to say Eryka and I are going out there with some kind of paint that'll wash off in a few rains(don't want to do any damage) and writing something much more awesome.

In other news, I realized I have to write three pages about my life before class, and wrote out a brief outline. ...In retrospect, my life is pretty miserable and pathetic.
I was going to write a kinda bitchy commentary about the Sacramento Airport's legal problems, but I'm just going to say this:

I have a friend who can zoom his vision in and out. How sweet is that?

Yay Exposition Scenes

Finally got to sit down and watch this episode. Never before has an ENTIRE 'ship been so perfectly encapsulated in one scene.

...So perfectly encapsulated, in fact, that in fanfic that would have been considered "cheating".

Seriously though, even if you don't watch this show/ship this pairing, watch that clip. It's nifty.


I must be losing my touch as a retarded Paul Bettany fan, because my family went out to see Inkheart tonight and I hadn't even known he was in it.

So his sudden appearance wearing nothing but tight black jeans, with shoulder-length blonde hair and delightfully jutting hipbones juggling flaming torches was a DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE OMG OMG.
.....Yeah, second post tonight, but after Waking Life Dad burned some episodes of the Nero Wolfe tv show. The special Christmas episode to be precise.

And I SWEAR TO GOD, this is a slash fic. It's probably a short story but I've never seen it in print but the plot has every adorable slash cliche and the phrasing of the narration and the silly shenanigans leading up to the realization that he Really Does Care... Holy damn. With the pained looks after everyone has made asses of themselves and being flustered and the corners of the mouth twitching. <3 <3

This is delicious crack.

I just watched Waking Life. And I liked it, and it was good, and fun to watch, and I'm *just* smart enough to be able to comprehend the dialogue, but....

....what the fuck just happened?